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“The very iron in your blood was made over eons in the cores of long dead stars, who themselves lived longer than the age of the Earth. Know that it took the whole universe to make just one you. And in all that time, no part of the universe knew what it was until you. You are the universe thinking about itself. In your knowing of anything, you are more complex than all the Heavens.”

– Cui Bono

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Meditations on the Tarot: How to Read It

Meditations on the Tarot: How to Read It

The anonymously-written spiritual classic Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism is popularly ascribed to the author Valentin Tomberg. It was published posthumously from Tomberg’s estate with an afterword explaining his wish that it remain...

Is God a Woman?

Is God a Woman?

March represents women’s history month. A quick Google search of the subject finds this description from Wikipedia: “Women’s history month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to the events of history and contemporary society.”...

The Understanding of the Balance

The Understanding of the Balance

Please note that the following does not denote the political positions or opinions of the Order or even the authoring master, but what is presented here is a philosophical and theological critique of academic positions. About a decade ago, while I was leading an Order...

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