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Initiation Request Form

Please fill out this form to request your neophyte initiation. NOTE: If you are requesting a robe from the seamstress we use, please gather your measurements before filling and sending this request.
What Initiate courses have you completed?(Required)
We will have to schedule your initiation farther out to accommodation for your travel. Currently, we are only performing initiation rituals in the St. Louis area.
We have extra robes that we use for neophytes that do not have a robe yet but you don't get to keep them. You will eventually need your own robe for future rituals along your career in the Order, so it's not required that you have a robe for your first initiation ritual. If you'd like to order it now, and get it before your initiation or have it in progress (we do not always know our seamstress's availability until we request), then please answer this questions.
Are you wanting to order a robe for this ritual?