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The Three-Step Process

Apply Through Our Online Application

Our online application makes it quick and simple to apply for those seekers interested in joining! Check out the section below to go to the Application page.

Schedule an Interview with Us

Depending on your location, you can schedule a Skype interview or a local meeting with an OWR outreach team. During this interview, we discuss what it’s like being in the Order with you as well as go over general, beginning curriculum. We want to make sure that joining is the right choice for you!

Be Approved and Start Your Classes

Once approved, you’ll receive an email with all your login information, an invoice for your first month’s dues, and a guide to joining the Order of the White Road. If you are within a regency territory, you will also be set up with that regency (you can choose to opt-out of a regency if you want to go solo). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the Application Process?

It depends on the level of communication between you and the OWR. We take 24 – 48 hours to review the application, then we must schedule the interview, then your application has to be approved. The quickest approval of a new member for us has been a week.

Why is there an Application Process?

The Order of the White Road is a non-profit, fraternal organization that dedicates itself to its mission in the world: to preserve the ancient mysteries and pass them on to the next generation. Many of these mysteries have been passed down through hundreds of generations from master to student; an unbroken chain of tradition.

We take that tradition seriously. The OWR does not teach students but teachers. Our application process ensures that each student who enters the Order does so when they are mentally and emotionally prepared to tackle the weighty, spiritual, and ethical questions that await them in instruction.

The questions on the application do something else besides: it ensures that we know where each individual student begins which better arms instructors and mentors to cater to the individual needs of every member.

What are dues?

The Order of the White Road (OWR) is a 501-C3 organization and operates on a non-profit basis. The OWR is, therefore, dependant upon its individual members to support its mission. Dues are a small monthly fee that varies depending on location and activity level that the student wishes to pursue within the OWR. These dues cover crucial items such as learning materials and necessary operating expenses.

*It should be noted that neither our teachers, instructors, or mentors receive a salary for the work they perform for the OWR.

What's a regency?

A regency is what the Order calls a local chapter. They are run by Regent Masters, who are the primary instructors of that regency, the delegate between that regency and the Order’s corporate entity, and the primary outreach coordinator of that region. A regency also has a Secretary, which primarily deals with administration and new member applications for their region.

While it is possible for students in the OWR to be online only and therefore, not a full member of any particular regency, you should consider joining one if one is in your area. Local regencies provide local meetup opportunities as well as special events that can help you bond with other members in person.

Being in a local chapter is one of the most exciting benefits of joining the Order of the White Road. Each regency is a small family, all coming together for support in hardships, for laughter during good times, and all having the same goal to grow and learn on the White Road.

How much are dues?

Dues for a strictly online student for the OWR are only $25.00/month but this price can change for members of individual regencies depending on that regency’s need.

Regencies are each ran by regency councils where each paying member has a vote to the price of their own due. Because it costs different amounts to live and provide activities in different areas, and because each regency differs in size, each regency sets its own membership price on top of the base $25.00.

This extra money goes to provide crucial support to individual regencies which allows its members to have in-person meetups as opposed to just online. These include special events, building expenses, and utilities.

What is the At-Will System?

The At-Will System is the name the OWR gives to its teaching philosophy. Students who participate in the OWR’s activities do so at will, moving at their own pace, and specializing in areas of study that interest them.

Cancelling membership is available any time, all tests are retakeable, and classes are modular so that they can be easily followed along with at a student’s own pace from anywhere in the world.