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The White Road Academy

Learn like the Ancients

Seek the Hidden Mysteries

The White Road Academy takes a different approach to occult knowledge. Fully online classes and lectures, with the added benefit of a community, we pride ourselves on shepherding seekers along the White Road.


Hermetic Philosophy is our way of life and our understanding of the world around us.


As an occult educational non-profit, we pride ourselves in our methods of magick, both high and low ritual.


Henotheistic Theology helps us understand the hierarchy of divinity and our place within it.


Join one of our specializations schools to become an expert in your preferred branch of occultism.

Seek After Truth


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the White Road Academy?

Our Academy is our online learning platform, where members of the Order of the White Road can log in at any time and anywhere to learn our on-demand courses.

How do I join?

Check out the Membership page for a detailed process of becoming a member of the Order of the White Road.

Are there any in-person communities?

Our membership is not just tailored to 100% online! We have local chapters that we call regencies, and they provide the in-person touch that a lot of individual occult practitioners are missing. When you join the Order, you not only get access to our virtual community, but you get matched up to a local regency so that you can meet other members in person.