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Sponsorship Request Form

Vouching does not require financial support for the member, but a moral witness to the person as to why they should be a member, no matter their background or personality.
Indefinitely, for X amount of months, etc. Put N/A if this is not a financial sponsorship.
What benefits would they or the Order receive by having their membership? Why do you think they need sponsorship?
The Entry Committee may call upon you to speak to them after the potential member's interview so as to discuss your sponsorship and may let you know whether the member is approved or denied. The Secretary will thereafter (if member is approved) contact you to set up sponsorship payments. You will be required to advise the Secretary when you wish to end your sponsorship. Sponsorships rely solely on the sponsor and it is the sponsor's responsibility to communicate with their sponsee and the Secretary when there is a change in circumstance with the sponsorship.